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John Bedini - Radiant Energy

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John Bedini of Bedini Electronics has been an inventor, researcher, developer and pioneer of some of the most innovative energy producing devices available. He is most noted for his "School Girl" motor circuits and variations of them. John's circuits are easily the most efficient battery charging circuits in the world. Not only are they the most efficient, the batteries power loads much longer in addition to lasting many years more simply because of the way the batteries are charged. Instead of charging batteries with hot electron current, his circuits charge them with the voltage potential component of electricity, which is free of electron current or mostly free of electron current. The batteries stay cold and therefore, internal heat doesn't deteriorate them over time as conventional chargers do.

John Bedini Discussion Groups on Energetic Forum

John Bedini Schoolgirl Motor - This is the very basic model anyone should build in the beginning to understand the basic radiant energy circuits.

John Bedini SG Simplified - This is the school girl concept with the ability to charge other batteries while being run from a battery at the same time and no capacitors are needed like in the capacitive discharge versions.

John Bedini Capacitive Discharge Chargers - This is for the SG and solid state and other versions that charge a capacitor and then the capacitor is dumped to another battery.

John Bedini Solid State Oscillators - These are the circuits that are self triggering and need no rotor.

John Bedini Advanced Motors - This is about the reluctance motor and other advanced circuit discussions.

Bedini School Boy Motor - Schoolboy discussion here - self-running SG

Report on Visit to John Bedini - Report on 4 Battery Switch

John Bedini's Homepages


John's Official Forum: Energy Science Forum

Battery Chargers: Tesla Chargers

Bedini Audio: Bedini Audio

Bedini SG made from a Sony Reel to Reel motor given to Aaron Murakami by John Bedini. Aaron built it according to John's explanations. 6.4mb video clip in WMV video format. 3 minutes long. No efficiency or power claims. Demonstrates anti-lenz law. Can increase load by grabbing shaft and power input does not increase (not shown on video).



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John Bedini | Radiant Energy